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Postgraduate Studies

Postgraduate Admissions


Currently, MUST offers 2 postgraduate programmes as listed below:


The generic admission requirement into the masters programmes are:

  • A bachelor’s degree from any recognised institution of higher learning with at least a strong pass in relevant fields as specified in programme specification document.  Applicants with 3 years plus relevant working experience at graduate level will be given a priority.

MUST PhD programmes will lead to the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in a specific field of study as designed by school or Department. MUST PhD programmes will provide students with advanced knowledge in relevant key areas.

Admission into PhD programmes requires the completion of a Master's degree in a relevant field from an acceptable university programme. Candidates with a Master's degree in related fields may be accepted based on the assessment of MUST faculty members on the candidate's proficiency in any specific field and assessment of an initial research proposal submitted together with the application form.


MUST advertises for students to apply for its postgraduate programmes. Prospective candidates will fill in an application form which they will then submit together with the indicated non-refundable processing fee to the University Registrar. A University Selection Committee will consider the applications and notify successful applicants.

For more information regarding MUST postgraduate programmes, contact the Research & Postgraduate Office