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About the Procurement's office

The Procurement Office falls under the University Registrar who gives delegated responsibility to a Procurement Officer. The Office is committed to facilitating the University’s mission through a fair and competitive procurement process, while complying with applicable laws and University policies and procedures and providing exemplary customer service to the University community.

The Procurement Office discharges its duties through a network of committees such as the Internal Procurement Committee and the Evaluation Committee. In discharging its duties, the Office is guided by national procurement laws and policies. The Office also seeks technical advice from the Office of the Director Public Procurement.

Contact Details

 Physical Address Administration Block, 1st Floor. Room 41.
 Postal Address P.O. Box 5196, Limbe, Malawi
 Phone +265 111 478 000 Ext. 8381
 Email procurement@must.ac.mw
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