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About the ICT's office

MUST ICT is integral in the university’s drive to realize its vision to achieve its goals and objectives. To achieve this, the department provides a number of services to staff and students. The department has a support team to provide front-line support to all registered students and staff of the university.

We provide and support the university’s enterprise systems including Integrated Financial Management System, Integrated Student Management Information System, Library Management Information System as well as Human Resource.

The University has state-of-the-art equipment to meet modern IT standards. The MUST campus is connected via fibre-optic network across various sites to guarantee high connectivity speed. Our data centre is fully equipped with the latest hardware and software technologies to accommodate a growing demand for our services in and outside the university.

Our Services

  • Email services and support
  • Software licensing and support
  • Anti-virus protection monitoring and support
  • Google apps
  • Communication and collaboration services
  • Training
  • Storage services
  • Back up services
  • Printing, photo-copying and binding services

Opening Hours

8:30am - 4:30pm Monday through Friday

Student Services

The support team is there to ensure that Student’s IT needs are met. Common services for students include: registration issues, email support, desktop repairs, software support, IT information, compass-wide internet connectivity and communication, access to resources.

Staff Services

The ICT department aims at facilitating both academic and non-academic staff in their activities. We provide support to individual, departments and schools. Staff Services include: access to resources both on and off-compass, IT equipment repairs, desktop support, productivity software provision and licensing, training, communication and collaboration tools provision, network connectivity services and Google apps.

Contact Details

 Physical Address Ground Floor, Bingu Library and Information Resource Centre Building, MUST Campus
 Postal Address P.O. Box 5196, Limbe, Malawi
 Phone 01 478 332, 01 478 533, 01478 532
 Email ict@must.ac.mw
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