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Dean of Students

About the Dean of Students's office

The office of the dean of students provides programs and services that support student’s academic, personal and professional development. In this regard the office will specifically guide students to be ethical, responsible, and respectful community members.


To attain national, regional and global excellence in maximising students learning experience through a culture that fosters personal responsibility, individual growth and commitment to excellence.


To develop programmes and services that empower students to make responsible choices that embrace healthy academic, social, emotional and moral lifestyles.

Major Objectives

  • To establish liaison between university administration and student’s councilHandling discipline relates process and procedures.
  • Coordinating students counselling services both academically and socially.
  • Communicating effectively with students and other stakeholders.
  • Fostering an inclusive university community and promoting equity all students

Contact Details

 Physical Address Administration Block, First Floor.
 Postal Address P.O. Box 5196, Limbe, Malawi
 Phone +265 111 478 000
 Email deanofstudents@must.ac.mw
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