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Korean organisation to drill MUST staff, students in mindset change

January 20, 2017   Our Reporter

Mind Education Malawi, with headquarters and roots in South Korea, will soon train staff and students of the Malawi University of Science and Technology (MUST) in mindset change.

This follows discussions on January 18, 2017 between a team from Mind Education Malawi and the university held at MUST.

According to Jae Hyub Kim, executive director for Mind Education Malawi, their organisation has Christian roots and works with people at psychological and social levels to improve their lives.

He said his parent organisation is currently working in several countries across the globe, mostly focusing on the youth.

Kim attributed most of today’s problems to wrong mindset by individuals and groups, hence the need to change it.

Executive dean of the Malawi Institute of Technology at MUST, Dr Davies Mweta, said much as the organisation focuses its training on youths, and in the case of MUST, students, the institution wants the train9ng to extend to staff members as they too stand to benefit.

“Already most of the social ills in Malawi point to wrong mindset as the cause so we believe that apart from students, our staff members can also benefit from this training. Fortunately, Mr Kim has accepted to train both groups,” said Dr Mweta.

He said what remains now is for the two institutions to agree on the dates for the training and some logistical issues.