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About Us

The Department of Applied Studies is one of the academic departments in the Malawi Institute of Technology. The Department comprises four major sections divided according to subject disciplines. These sections are Chemistry, Mathematical Sciences and Physics.

Our vision in the Department of Applied Studies is to achieve and maintain excellence in education and research in the fields of applied studies, and to engage in outreach activities in order to bring funds to the University and to attract students to and maintain their interest in applied studies.

Our goals include:

  • Quality education: through this goal we hope to provide service to other academic departments and to offer demand-driven undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.
  • Research: through this goal we hope to contribute to the body of knowledge in Applied Studies, take part in organizing and participating Science and Technology conferences within the university, and establish a peer-reviewed STEM journal and encourage staff in the Department to publish their work.
  • External engagement: through this goal a STEM event annually, organize public lectures on contemporary issues, and establish links and encourage collaborative research with institutions outside the University.

When fully established, we will offer the following degree programmes in Department:

  • BSc in Financial Mathematics
  • BSc in Actuarial Sciences
  • BSc in Industrial Chemistry
  • BSc in Medical Physics
  • MSc in Forensic Linguistics


Contact Details

 Head Mr. Kondwani Magamba
 Postal Address MUST, P.O. Box 5196, Limbe, Malawi
 Email apsciences@must.ac.mw
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